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Video: #GirlsBeBrave by the MCHS Videomakers Club
A video produced by the MCHS Videomakers Club 2018 for the #GirlsBeBrave Michelle Poler talk
This is what YouTube star Michelle Poler learned after 100 days of facing her fears by Tricia Aquino | InterAksyon Lifestyle
Walking down the aisle in a pretty dress with an entire congregation staring at you was not then three-year-old Michelle Poler’s idea of a good...
How to be braver this year by Gaby Gloria | Philippine Star
MANILA, Philippines -  We’re already into the second week of the year, a.k.a. that weird sliver of time between having the confidence to stick...
YouTuber, influencer Michelle Poler inspires students to face their fears
Miriam College opened 2018 with a talk like no other, featuring YouTuber, Fear Facer, and influencer Michelle Poler. Known for her project...
Pinays shine at World Scholar’s Cup by Dahl Benett | Philippine Star
MANILA, Philippines — Metal detectors at the airport surely rang non-stop as 16 delegates from Miriam College (MC) came home triumphant after winning...

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