Strengthening Interest in Grade School

Grade school students are immersed in learning STEM through a variety of ways to help shape a positive attitude towards these subjects before they reach High School. Girls are engaged in collaborative projects in the classroom, stimulating field trips outdoors and are encouraged to join national and local competitions to build more confidence in these subject areas.

Programs in the Grade School:

  • Use of Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach in teaching Math in all levels
  • Adoption of Singapore Math and Science methodologies
  • Enhanced Science Investigatory Projects
  • Creation of a Math training pool for inter-school competitions
  • Specialized local and international faculty training in the fields of STEM
  • Benchmarking in Math and Science subject areas with Primary Schools in Singapore
  • Continuation of Skills Training in Developing and Enhancing Math, English and Science (STRIDES), a program enrichment for advanced learners

Girls are encouraged to discover solutions as a team.

Students use picture graph as a fun approach to learning Math.

Outdoor activities help make lessons more interesting and stimulating.