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Developing Knowledge in High School

At the High School, standards are raised and higher expectations of students' work are set for them to develop confidence, competitiveness, creativity, critical-thinking, and concept mastery.

Programs in the High School:

  • Utilizing the tablet to enhance teaching and learning in STEM
  • Enhanced Senior Electives covering areas of STEM
  • Devoting more hours to STEM subjects per week with emphasis on laboratory work
  • Continuation of the programs in Math and Science for the gifted (Programs of Excellence or ProEx) and for those who need to cope with the rigors of the subjects (Learning Enhancement and Advancement Program or LEAP)
  • Launch of SciMax (Science and Math Exposition), featuring students' Science investigatory projects, Math Made Extreme activities, Science Music Video Awards, etc.
  • Specialized local and international faculty training for effective and dynamic STEM teaching

Collaborative learning is encouraged at the High School.

Girls are exposed to discovery-oriented activities that
nurture interest in engineering and architecture.

SciPex 2012

Find Out The Answers To The Following Questions:

  • What's a new eco-friendly way to utilize used plastic containers?
  • Who has the faster reaction time - athletes or non-athletes?
  • Which offers better support? Double-strapped or a racer-backed brassiere?
  • Does the built of your legs affect how fast you run?
  • Are street foods really safe to eat?

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